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You’ll receive at least 350 leads per year as a full-time agent on our team. You’ll have a complete lead and contact management system, so you’ll know exactly who to call every day. You’ll get more buyer leads off every listing with our 4-step yard sign and call-capture system.


We ensure that your listings are exposed to the widest audience of buyers and agents. Listing Presentation- Agents around the province ask for our iPad listing presentation because of its high quality graphics and flexibility to adjust the presentation on the fly. You’ll walk into every appointment confident that you can take the listing.

Reverse Prospecting- For any home, we can go to our database of thousands of buyers and pull a list of buyers looking for that exact type of home. Imagine presenting this list to a potential seller client. This is an extremely powerful tactic that will set you apart from top agents around the province, and we offer this to every agent on our team.


Dialogue Training- You’ll get the best training on scripting and dialogue from experienced agents who are on the ground working with clients every day. Friday Trainings- You’ll learn strategies for negotiation, lead follow-up, listing presentation and dialogue, and trainings are recorded so you can review these videos at your convenience. With our help, you’ll know exactly what to say in every situation.

Culture and coaching

You’ll participate in our Monday Team Meetings to review prospecting numbers from the previous week and learn from each other. Success Manager- You’ll have weekly one-on-one meetings to review your goals, leads, transactions, dialogue, long-term business objectives and questions that arise from specific client situations. You’ll get the comprehensive and in-depth training you need to give the best service to your clients and attract more clients. Team Activities- You’ll get to participate in team events, sales incentives and team trips. We have an extremely supportive and close-knit team. You’ll never feel alone or forced to sink-or-swim.


Admin support

Listing Presentation Prep- Once you’ve performed your lead gen and have an appointment, leave it to our admin staff to make sure your presentation and contracts are fully ready. Transaction Coordination for Prospects- Once an offer is accepted, you’ll turn your client over to our Admin Staff who will take the deal to closing, ensuring that all paperwork is handled, problems are prevented and your deal goes through on time. Document Running- It’ll be easier than ever to make sure your documents are organized in the Google Drive and brought to the notary.

Systems & strategies

For newer agents, we know exactly what it takes to ramp up, attract clients and start generating commissions. For experienced agents, we know exactly how to double and triple your business by plugging into our proven, flexible system. You’ll learn best practices for follow-up that turn internet leads into closed deals You’ll learn how to generate clients from your own sphere and build a database that brings repeat and referral business year after year, so you depend less on internet leads and prospecting.

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